OCA Central

This trail parallels the Hudson from Yonkers to Tarrytown. It has a break at both ends from the OCA itself. Lots of history can be found at Ossining History on the Run.

I view this as two trails, using Hastings-on-Hudson as the starting point. I park on Washington Street, to the west of Broadway/Route 9. It is generally wide enough for two people. It is flat as a pancake. There are no turns. I have the total distances as about 9 miles, end-to-end.


View of OCA from West

View of OCA from West

There are numerous road crossings along the trail, including some major ones (Broadway/Route 9 twice). But the smaller ones tend to have good visibility. To the right is a typical crossing in southern Irvington, just north of Mercy College; you see the stop signs, which are just for the OCA.

DIRECTIONS: From the south, use the Saw Mill River Parkway, exit 12 (Farragut Parkway) (left exit (see below)). At first stop sign, turn left. At the end, take left and first right is Washington. You can, of course, pick any spot along the trail to join it; Broadway (Route 9) parallels it. I think Washington Street is the quickest from the south.

OCA SouthTo the south one heads into Yonkers. There are only a few road crossings, and they are not significant. But towards the southern end, it gets a bit rougher, with broken bottles and stuff. It literally ends in the parking lot of a church. But it has spectacular views of the Palisades. This stretch is 4ish miles each way. (I’m not including a map because it’s simple and I’m not sure from the map (notwithstanding the green-line) what happens towards the southern end.)

Video (sorry for the audio; it was windy.)

To the north (MAP), there are many street crossings, including significant ones. There are a couple of stretches, in Dobbs Ferry and Irvington, where you run through a parking lot. Just keep heading north, and you’ll pick up the trail again.  Plus there are more people walking.

Heading to Mercy College

Heading to Mercy College

This section ends right after crossing the front lawn of Lyndhurst, after which it dead-ends at Route 9 just south of Tarrytown. (Don’t be fooled by the map which suggests otherwise. I’ve tried to conintue to the north, and it can’t be done.) The north stretch is just shy of 5 miles. There is a water fountain just south of Irvington, at some tennis courts. (There are two potentially tricky spot. In Dobbs Ferry, after going through the second parking lot, cross and to to the left and you’ll see the trail continue with a right turn. In Irvington, after running through a parking lot and hitting a road, cross it and head to the parking lot to the left and continue north and you promptly hit the trail again.)

  • Be mindful of the many ROCKS that appear on the course, to avoid tripping.
  • Most of the crossings north of Dobbs Ferry have crosswalks and stop signs for traffic.
  • The crossings in Dobbs Ferry have neither crosswalks nor stop signs.

OCA Central intersectionThe picture to the right is taken from the north across Route 9. You must cross from the trail to a spot that’s in the middle of the photo to pick up the OCA again. This is right after you start the run from Washington Street (viewed from the opposite side).

Although in theory one can connect to the south with the OCA south or to the north with the OCA north, I’ve not tried it, and it involves some major road-running.

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