Westchester Trails

Westchester enjoys a great number of good trails. In southern Westchester, where I live, there’s a trail within a 10 minute drive of everywhere. There are 4 within that distance from me. They vary in distance, surface, and condition. For those in the City, several can be gotten to via mass transit, either by subway, as is the case for the Old Croton Aqueduct/Putnam Trail run, or on MetroNorth, which is true for the OCA CentralOCA North, and Rockies on the Hudson Line and the Leatherstocking Trail from the New Haven Line. I’m pleased to say that more and more folks are using the WestchesterTrails Facebook page to describe group runs. Also, there appears to be a regular run during the week, early in the morning, on Leatherstocking or Saxon Woods. I’ve posted on those pages, but they are regularly described by Steve Herzberg on the WT Facebook page.

This site is about Southern Westchester (and the Rockies). There are other good places up north, but they’re outside my baliwick. (Rob Cummings has put up loads of maps on the Leatherman’s Loop site.) Also, these are not “technical” trails although some, e.g., Leatherstocking and Saxon Woods, have technical stretches. No special equipment, no rock-climbing skills, no water-wings. These are places where one can run as she does on the roads, just on the trails. I also came across HikeTheHudsonValley.com, which has a large map and descriptions of tons of trails to the north of us; it seems oriented towards hiking, but worth a look if you’re in a particular area and want to explore for a run, or a hike.

NEW (Sept. 30, 2018): I found a wonderful blog, Ossining History on the Run. Run by “Caroline”, presumably in Ossining. It is loaded with the history of the OCA and the Rockies. Want to see a photo of Rockwood Hall? Check this out.

June 1, 2017: On the OCA South and Putnam Rail Trail pages, I update with a major fix at the very southern end in Van Cortlandt that allows a clean connection between the two.

For those in the northern part of the County, there are regular Sunday-at-8 meet-ups at various trails, which you can find at SundayRuns(BIKES are not allowed on most of these trails. Indeed, only on the OCA. There are, however, some great bike trails, LISTED HERE. I don’t mention them here because runners have enough trails and we should leave places like Sprain Ridge and Graham Hills, both of which I’ve ridden on, to the bikers. If you do mountain-bike, check out  WMBA.org)

There is a Westchester Trails Facebook page. It’s a place where people can post (i) trail conditions and (ii) events/meet-ups. Also, there is a Meet-Up group (New York Trail and Ultra Running) that posts runs in various of these trails (and others).

The Green on the map are trail entrances. The RED are comments.

This is a list of running trails and trail runs in southern Westchester. (They are listed in the drop-downs above.) I have not ventured to the northern parts of the County for running, and am limiting myself to trails on which I have run or about which others have provided me information. Also, if you see a downed tree across a path, call the appropriate Parks Dep’t. They rely on trail-users to bring these things to their attentionWestchester: 914-864-7000 (The County used to be very responsive; today? not so much.) NYC is slower, but I have spoken to the VCP Administrator about it and he appreciates getting contacted by trail-users. The City number is 311 or 212-NEW YORK, but if it’s in Van Cortlandt (through which the OCA and Putnam Trail run in the Bronx) call 718-430-1890.

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